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What is "The Queer Notion"?

The Queer Notion is a grass-roots journalistic publication spotlighting queer talent in Florida. Our goal at "The Queer Notion" is to bring thoughtful, incisive and hard-hitting journalism to the queer community, from the queer community. People have written for us for too long, let's pick up the pen ourselves. 

Here at the Queer Notion, you'll find everything from op-eds about recent events, reflections on the past, present and future of the queer community, and even spotlights on local queer creatives or events. Most of all, "The Queer Notion" is a home to queer culture in all it's forms, whether that's artists or reflections or journalistic work. 

Another important thing about "The Queer Notion" is that it isn't singular. This community has so many beautiful facets and pieces, one writer can't express them all. That's why we're always looking for YOUR submissions. If you have a Queer Notion of your own, whether it's a poem, an article, or a piece of art, we want to showcase it. 


Who is Behind "The Queer Notion"?

wolf in the dark 4 trio 4 sharing.jpg
Meet Samira Burnside (She/Her), amateur journalist, activist and multi-media artist. She founded the Queer Notion because she believes in the transformative power of writing, and believes that the Queer people should take back the narrative around our own community.

Want to get in Touch?

Do you have a lead for a story, a topic you'd like covered, or a question/message of any kind? Send it here.

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