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Furiously Licking Sandpaper

This is a poem written by Milo Paul. It is the final of three in a series. You can find the first in the series here. The second can be found here.

Milo Paul (anything but he/him) is a musician hailing from D.C. where they are a member of multiple bands, including garage outfit Fleabath, post-punk group Other Victorians, and their folk-punk solo project Thee Trashcan. Subsequently, most of their social media is thee_trashcan, so look that up wherever and you’ll probably find them!

(A Photo of Milo Paul)


Furiously Licking Sandpaper by Milo Paul

butterflies in my stomach? no!

spiders in my arteries

anthrax in my thorax

can i get a grip?

i haven’t shaved in weeks so

i’m shaving my eyeballs

furiously licking sandpaper

biting off my nose

i want to be the four-eyed fool you let go stomping around

but i can’t find it in me to go on

fail as my body does, i flail as old girls do and i’ll

pick up the pieces just as sure as the ship sinks

thunder in my thoughts

it’s in my sleeves


This poem was written by Milo Paul.

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